T-ara and After School arrival in Singapore

Last, T-ara, After School, T-Max and MBLAQ were in town for the concert “KPOP Heal The World”, I managed to get the arrival timing for T-ara and After School and decided to head down to the airport to see if I’ll be able to grab photos/videos from the girls.

Arriving first would be T-ara at Terminal 2. I managed to catch the girls after 45mins of waiting and they were so pretty! Too bad most of them were wearing shades :( At least I get to see Hyomin, Eunjung and Boram, I’ve recorded 2 fancams of them leaving the arrival hall.

After School’s arrival was at Terminal 3 and the amount of fans that were there were pretty similar to T-ara’s amount. I manage to get a position just infront of the door of the arrival hall. When the girls appeared, everyone went wild and rushed forward trying to get a glimpse of them. The girls gathered at the arrival hall and waited for security or their staff?

After a few minutes, the girls finally walked out of the arrival hall, and wow they were so pretty! JungAh noona neomu yeppo. Was estatic that I was able to see JungAh, Kahi and Bekah upclose in real life.