The Roti Prata House got upgraded for the new year

The Roti Prata House got upgraded for the new year

We are at The Roti Prata House, located at Upper Thomson Road, for supper. It has been a few months since we last came and the place is now brightly lit with their menu displayed at the entrance and in the store itself.

They even have a new menu! The great thing about it is that they now have pictures of the food and drinks so you know what you are ordering. Because of all the pictures, Wei Meng is now tempted to order so many other things like coin prata, nasi goreng mutton masala, sotong masala, pizza murtabak and nasi goreng mushroom.

Too bad we already placed our orders for plain prata ($0.90), onion prata ($1.10), egg prata ($1.20), bomb cheese prata ($4.00), teh cino ais ($1.40) and kopi cino ($1.40).

For those who doesn’t know they are famous for their prata because its one of the most crispy prata that I have tried in Singapore! If you would like to try can visit the store at No. 246M Upper Thomson Road (near Thomson Plaza) Singapore 574370.

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