Out of reach at Forever 21 Somerset@313

Out of reach at Forever 21 [email protected]

Saw this wonderful green sweater at Forever 21 at [email protected] but it was out of reach! That’s Joycelyn in the photo, but even I couldn’t reach it – and I’m about 1.7m tall.

What’s the point of putting clothing on display where nobody but the super-tall can reach? What do you think?

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  • dreamzon

    LOL that’s just fail.

  • Joycelyn

    yeah man!!! and the best part is they dont have any stools or bamboo thingy to help you bring it down. Probably have to ask the staff.

  • Edward Pang

    I was going to say use the shelves directly below as support in order to reach the top… then I realize climbing up the shelves would require tremendous effort as well.

  • sherry

    haha. you’re supposed to ask the staff. :)

  • mira

    they do have a bamboo thing..just use your eyes to search for it.