Cute diary from Kikki.K

Cute diary from Kikki.K

I have been searching for Disney diary that was similar to what i used this year. However, the shops that I saw which carried it about a month or two back no longer has it so I had to get something else instead.

I had 3 other options: Muji, Moleskine or the cute diary from Kikki.K.

Kikki.K is  a swedish brand home and office style stationery brand that opened its doors in ION recently. I saw a cute diary (yes, that’s the name of the diary) a few weeks ago and liked it!

Since I couldn’t get a hold of my Disney diary, I thought I could get this instead!

I like the nice bright colours with cute shapes and designs. The layout for the diary is good too as it gives you lots of space to write! It comes with a sheet of sticker as well as an address book which I doubt I will use.

Its quite pricey for a diary ($29.90) but I am quite pleased with it!

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