KFC's black pepper chicken - bring a friend!

KFC’s black pepper chicken – bring a friend!

Fans of KFC’s crispy fried chicken who are looking for something even more spicy will be very pleased with KFC’s new black pepper chicken!

KFC’s new offering is basically its crispy chicken coated with an additional layer of black pepper marinade on the outside.┬áBe warned though, the marinade makes the already spicy crispy chicken even spicier! If you can’t take the heat, you’re probably better off avoiding the black pepper chicken.

Those who prefer to eat chicken breasts will also be disappointed to hear that the black pepper chicken only comes in the drumstick and thigh varieties, at least at the Kallang outlet where we had it.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring a friend with you when you head to KFC! The Black Pepper Chicken Buddy meal comes with 4 pieces of chicken, 2 regular whipped potato sides and 2 regular drinks. The meal costs $10.90, with a $1.50 cheese fries top-up option.

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